Mother of Pearl Chairs

A piece from our variety of handmade Indian mother of pearl chair inlay furnishings will create a lovely centerpiece for any room. Whether you select a small bedside desk or a huge chest of drawers for the eating room, the iridescent inlay will fill the room with sun sunglasses of the Indian subcontinent.

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Each of those portions has been hand-made through our proficient Rajasthani artisans, so each is one in all a kind, eye-catching, and constructed to remain for generations. Fashioned with professional carpentry and strong woodworking joints, ornamental artwork ornaments solidly built the mother of pearl chair and furniture, for a triumphing aggregate of energy in addition to beauty.
Incredibly flexible colorways combination superbly with any and all indoors décor schemes, from the apparent and impartial to the state-of-the-art and the elaborate. Choose from a big array of lovely colors, sizes, and precise designs – you’ll make certain to fall in love!